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The quality of public schools should not depend on where you live in Ohio. Every student deserves the best education and tools to build their futures. It is up to the state to ensure quality education for all students in Ohio and fulfill its constitutional duty. As state representative, I’ll support education by working toward:

  • A funding formula that relies less on local taxes and more on the state’s budget

  • Wrap-around services for students to better support our youth

  • Keeping public tax dollars in our public schools, not private schools

  • Reforming standardized testing in Ohio

  • Protection our teachers’ unions


Healthcare should be a human right, not a privilege reserved for those who can afford it. Public health and the wellbeing of our communities depends on everyone having access to quality, affordable healthcare. As your state representative, I plan to ensure every Ohioan has access to the healthcare they need by:

  • Removing barriers to Medicaid and supporting its expansion

  • Supporting universal healthcare options for Ohioans

  • Implementing price caps on healthcare and regulating transparency with providers

  • Improving Ohio’s medical marijuana program


The climate crisis is very real. Ohio needs to be investing in green energy and ceasing production of energy from non-renewable resources that are unsustainable and cause global climate instability. Other states have thriving green energy industries and the ruling party in Columbus has been holding Ohio back. The future of younger generations depends on bold action. We can help the planet and create jobs by:

  • Repealing HB 6 that bails out a handful of energy companies, including coal

  • Restoring green energy and energy efficiency standards that HB 6 rolled back

  • Banning fracking

  • Repealing the ban on plastic bag bans

  • Mandating agronomic farming to protect our water

  • Updating public water systems

  • Investing in a transition to green energy like solar, wind, biofuels, and hydroelectric

  • Implementing a cap-and-trade system or carbon tax


Healthcare, housing, and education are getting less affordable for working Ohioans. It’s up to the legislature to ensure that our workforce earns a living wage to not only support their families, but also to contribute to our local economies. The heart of Ohio is our workforce, and we deserve a representative that will always stand with workers by fighting to:

  • Raise Ohio’s minimum wage

  • Provide public universal healthcare options

  • Protect unions, prevailing wages, and public sector benefits

  • Invest in emerging industries and jobs


When communities have affordable housing options, it gives people the stability they need to prosper in other areas of life. For children, having stable housing has an even greater impact. Ensuring everyone has access to housing strengthens communities, and I will work toward providing that access as your state representative. When elected, I will ensure that we:

  • Expand the Ohio Housing Trust to provide affordable housing opportunities and services for low-income Ohioans

  • Incentivize affordable housing projects in communities that need it

  • Raise Ohio’s minimum wage


Voter suppression is alive and well here in our state. In recent years, there have been efforts by those in power to quiet the voices of Ohio’s most vulnerable and remain in power. Once elected, I will work to protect your vote by:

  • Supporting bipartisan redistricting and ending gerrymandering

  • Limiting voter purges

  • Implementing automatic and same-day voter registration

  • Ensuring prepaid postage for all absentee applications and ballots

  • Increasing the number of drop boxes and early voting locations

  • Protecting Ohio’s ballot initiative process as a pillar of our democracy


Gun violence has been an increasing issue and concern for many in recent years. It has become such a problem, that some have even suggested arming teachers with firearms. Although there is no one solution, there are ways legislators can help protect individuals from gun violence in certain situations. We need legislators that take this issue seriously and aren’t afraid to stand up to gun violence. This can be accomplished by:

  • Implementing “red flag” laws that prohibit those who are a danger to themselves or others from possessing firearms

  • Requiring universal background checks at the point of sale in Ohio

  • Not supporting “stand your ground” laws that disproportionately have a negative impact on people of color


Ohio needs bold criminal justice reform. There are many ways Ohio can and should improve our criminal justice system, and when elected, I will work toward maintaining public safety while holding our institutions accountable in delivering justice for all. I believe we need to:

  • Ban capital punishment

  • Remove the language that allows for slavery in the Ohio Constitution

  • Decriminalize the cultivation, sale, possession, and consumption of recreational marijuana and expunge records

  • Prioritize funding for mental health and addiction services, social workers, and other social services in our communities instead of chemical weapons and riot gear

  • Mandate body cameras for law enforcement to ensure transparency in policing

  • Create a public registry of complaints and charges against law enforcement officers

  • Require state licensure for law enforcement officers

  • Implement a statewide drug rehabilitation model

  • Prohibit intergovernmental service agreements with CBP and ICE


As it stands now, Ohio allows discrimination in housing and accessing public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender expression. Since 2009, the Ohio Legislature has seen bills introduced that aim to codify protections for the LGBTQIA+ community and has yet to pass such a bill. This type of discrimination happens in the LGBTQIA+ community in Ohio every day, causing instability in so many homes and communities. The fact that our state still allows it is wrong, and as state representative, I will fight to right that wrong. As a proud queer Ohioan, I will:

  • Fight to pass the Ohio Fairness Act, ensuring protection for LGBTQIA+ Ohioans who still face discrimination in housing and public accommodations

  • Protect LGBTQIA+ youth and athletes from being targeted by discriminatory laws

  • Ensure court orders to change sex designation of birth certificates are carried out


In Ohio’s efforts to stifle reproductive freedoms, even requiring dangerous and invasive procedures has been considered. Especially in the last decade, our state has treated this necessary medical care as an act of evil, erasing the narrative of those who have no choice but to make these challenging medical decisions. We need leaders who listen to, empathize with, and trust individuals who go through this. We have got to put a stop to the attacks on reproductive rights. As your state representative, I will:

  • Support the right to choose and vow to fight for reproductive justice in Ohio

  • Work toward reversing a 2013 state law that requires clinics to enter transfer agreements with hospitals and bans public hospitals from entering those agreements

  • Not support attempts to decrease access to safe and legal abortion

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